Finger Fork Buffet


We are pleased to develop a Menu to suit your Event and Budget 

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Mini Selection Platters 


                         Sliced Afternoon Tea Style Sandwiches


Brie & Roast Onion Jam,

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese,

Turkey With Stuffing & Cranberry

Roasted Vegetables & Homemade Hummus,

Beef & Horseradish


                           Homemade Spinach & Feta Pastries

                                    Homemade Sweet Potato & Chilli Pastries         

                                    Spiced Sticky Sausages

  Mini Selection Platters 


 Sliced Afternoon Tea Style Sandwiches



Brie & Spiced Beetroot Jam,

Slow Cooked Salmon &Cucumber,

Turkey With Stuffing & Cranberry

Roasted Vegetables & Homemade Hummus,

Beef & Horseradish

Ham& Dijon Salad


Lunds pork Pie & pickles

Homemade roast onion & stilton flan

Homemade mini homity pastries

Honey & mustard sticky sausages


                                                                                                                                                Mini cake selection

  Fork Buffet Selection 


 Platters of Hand Carved Roast Meats Ham, Beef,

Platters of Homemade Mixed Cheese, Leek & Broccoli Flan

Lunds Large Stand Pie with Selection Of Homemade Chutney, Relish & Pickles

Bite Size Chorizo Red Pesto Pizzas

Hot Baby Pearl Potato with rosemary, sea salt & cracked black pepper glaze

Celery, Walnut, & Apple Crème Fraîche Diced Salad

Mixed Leaf, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Spring Onions, Garden Herbs & Homemade Dressing

Rustic Bread basket



 Mini Black Cherry Cheese Cake, Mince Pies & Chocolate Brownies

Hot Bowl Buffet 


 Chicken, Bacon & Chardonnay Casserole

Slow Cooked Beef Tomato, Thyme, Shallot & Red Wine Cocotte

Lamb Naverin

Roast Vegetable & Tarragon Fricassee


Served with 1 selection below


Baby Pearl Glazed Potatoes

Rice Dishes

Cous Cous

Rustic Breads

 Extras: We are happy to add extra Savouries, Sweets, Cakes, Drinks or even Staffing

Regular Finger Food Options:

Homemade Quiche & Flans

Homemade Cheddar & Roast Onion Quiche

Homemade Roast Red Pepper & Mature Cheddar

Homemade Roast Walnut & Stilton

Homemade Roast Red Onion & Brie Quiche

Homemade Bacon & Egg Flan

Bread Bases

Bite Size Chorizo Red Pesto Pizzas

Bruschetta Ciabatta Bread Base With Mozzarella

Olives & Green Pesto

Sunblushed Tomato


Salmon Mousse On Blinis

Roasted Red Pepper & Halloumi Squares

Homemade Fresh Mackerel Pate

& Cucumber Toast

Sticky Sausages

Sausages Slowly Cooked In Honey Lemon & Ginger

Sausages Slowly Cooked In A Sweet Chilli Syrup

Sticky Sausages Cooked In Orange Syrup & Grainy Mustard


Parma Ham & Asparagus

Bite Size Pastries

Handmade Spinach & Feta Pastries

Bite Size Ham & Yam Pastries

Local Goats Cheese & Caramelised Red Onion Chutney Tartlets

Camembert & Redcurrant Jam Tartlets

Brie & Cranberry Tartlet

Red Pesto & Toasted Black Pudding Cups


Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Wraps

Prawn & Lemon Mayo Wraps

Lemon Chicken & Thyme Wraps

Blue Cheese &
Roast Pepper Lettuce Wraps

Mixed Sandwiches

Locally Farmed Roast Ham

Roast Beef

Free Range Chicken

Free Range Egg Mayo

Cheese & Pickles Selected From Cheese Board


Ham & Egg Lattice Pie

Pork Pie

Cheese & Onion Slice

Corned Beef & Potato Slice

Cheese Boards
(Local Cheeses)

Jervaulx Blue

Blacksticks Blue

Garstang Blue

Grandma Singletons Creamy Lancashire

Parlickfell Sheep Cheese

Forest Of Bow Land Cheddar

Yellison Farm Goats Cheese

Homemade Chutneys & Sauces

Spiced Apple & Raisin

Sweet Chilli Jam

Tomato Relish

Wholegrain Mustard

Dijon Mustard

Horseradish Cream

Sliced Roasts
(Locally Sourced Meats)

Roast Ham Joint

Roast Beef Joint

Roast Pork Joint

Roast Turkey Crown Breast


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